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Middle-earth claims

Middle-earth Claims
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Hey all! This is my new community for all of your Middle-earth claims! And yes, before you ask, it is the same idea as any other claim site for the most part. And this is not the original claim site for Lord of the Rings and such, if you want that, go to lotr_claims. This community is to be more geared around happenings before events occurring in Lord of the Rings. But go ahead and claim anything from any age, the more the merrier!


-You must be a member to claim anything. Just click the link at the top and Whammo! You're a member.

-Each member gets three claims to start. If it seems that there aren't a ton of members taking advantage, I may decide for more for those who are using it.

-If you advertise my community in your user info you get an extra claim!

-You can claim anything that has to do with J.R.R. Tolkien's writings, and I mean anything. And of course, if you're knowledge is limited to the movies, go ahead and choose something from there. Inanimate objects, people, places, rivers, items, it's all good!

-One person for each claim. No dual-claiming here.

-Please check the Claims list before claiming so we don't dual-claim.

-Claim list will be updated extrememly often, don't worry. I'll drop you a comment when they have been added to the list.

me_claims was created by iamthedan. Go ahead and add me to your friend's list if you'd like, I'll add you back. If you want to see the creative side of me, check out danscreativity. Any comments or questions can be put in any of my journals or the community journal. Give credit to ko0lchiki for the awesome background! Enjoy!

Claims List

Aragorn's sword by maikamariel
Aragorn's ring by maikamariel
Arwen's Evenstar by leia_grace
Boromir's Horn by rohandove
Faramir's Cloak by rohandove
Frodo's Blue Eyes by leia_grace
Horn of Gondor by ko0lchiki
Merry's Weskit by astrobleme
Merry and Pippin's Elf-daggers by bobcrazy123
Pippin's Cloak by bobcrazy123
Sting by knoifey_spoony

Alqualondë by aquilegian
Brandywine Bridge by astrobleme
Caras Galadhon by aquilegian
Henneth Annun by knoifey_spoony
Ithilien by cutelilhobbit
Middle-earth by iamthedan
Pinnath Gelin by aquilegian
The Shire by agentrosecotton

Smaug by knoifey_spoony

Boromir High Warden of the White Tower by rohandove
Celeborn by judas_iscariot
Earendil by iamthedan
Elladan by melia_eothria
Elrohir by melia_eothria
Faramir by leia_grace
Frodo by cutelilhobbit
Galadriel by ko0lchiki
Gandalf by nodawnformen
Gildor Inglorion by judas_iscariot
Glorfindel by judas_iscariot
Maglor Feanorion by agentrosecotton
Merry by astrobleme
Orome by iamthedan
Pippin by maikamariel
Radagast the Brown by _rikiki
Sam by bobcrazy123
Saruman by nodawnformen
Shadowfax by cutelilhobbit

The Hobbit by knoifey_spoony

Faramir and Eowyn's Love for Each Other by leia_grace
Samwise's Undying Loyalty by agentrosecotton
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