Prentice's Portkey (knoifey_spoony) wrote in me_claims,
Prentice's Portkey


Claims! Eyes! Eye claims! ... Get it?

I'm sure none of you would be at this fine claims community if you weren't interested in claiming, so here's another community for all you addicts to sink your pretty little fingers into. It’s called claimeyes!

You can claim any pair of eyes you like! Book or movie characters, actors, actresses, singers, whatever. Just join and claim (don’t forget to read the rules, though! ;)!

Hope to see you at claimeyes soon. :)

[P.S. I'm sorry if the moderator/s doesn't like advertising. It's just that I didn't see anything in the rules about it, so I thought it might be okay. Just delete this entry if you're not happy with it. Sorry. :(]
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